Music Technology in Music Education Portfolio

This page shows the process in projects I worked on for MUS 800, taken through Cal State East Bay. I hope to expand upon this portfolio as I continue using technology in my music teaching practice.

Soundtrap Loop Project: Shark Bait

Notes on the process of creating this song are here.

Soundtrap MIDI Project: Mozzarimba

This Soundtrap project was created using MIDI files created in Chrome Music Lab (Song Maker) and Groove Pizza. Learn about the adventure of this creative process here.

Teaching and Learning Project: Collaborative Composition Using Technology

This unit plan includes activities for composing melodies in notation using Noteflight, creating a rubric with students with which to evaluate and refine their own melodies, and exporting them into Soundtrap to create a collaborative composition with a peer. The time frame for this unit can vary based on how deep you want to go with the composition concepts. There can be several incarnations of this project as the students learn more and more about how music patterns can be manipulated.

These activities are designed to implement standards 1 and 3 of the National Core Arts Standards for music.