Music educator, musician, creator

Stephanie Douglass

Originally from a tiny town in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California, I started taking piano lessons at the age of 9. Through the school band I picked up the clarinet and bass clarinet, and in high school my curiosity got the best of my and I learned how to play my grandpa’s cornet using a fingering chart printed from the Internet. Somewhere in there I stole and learned some chords on my sister’s baritone ukulele.

I studied music education and music performance (clarinet) at Humboldt State University, where I also got my California Teaching Credential in 2011. I taught in Humboldt County until an opportunity brought me to Santa Barbara County in 2013, where I’ve lived and taught in public schools ever since.

Currently I continue to push my own boundaries as a musician on the trumpet, and have loved teaching ukulele to kids and adults alike, in real life and through Zoom and YouTube. I also love to write and arrange my own songs (mostly on ukulele). My passion is in helping people find their musical happy place.

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