Why Notes? Why Embellishments?


I already had this all set up from 2 years ago so I thought I would give it another go. I changed the title. The reason is easy enough.

“Notes” because I’m a musician and music teacher and I do like to track my thoughts.

“Embellishments” because I also like to…embellish my thoughts. And in certain performing situations it’s suitable for a musician to “embellish” the piece. That is, add a little more than what’s written on the page. As any person reads an event or series of events that affects them, their experience consists of much more than what actually physically happens.

And as a person who tends to take concepts from certain experiences and apply them to other wildly different experiences I liked the idea of two musical terms that mean something else taken outside the music context. Word nerd, what can I say.

So please enjoy!



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